In 1995/1996, together with art-designer Frans Mensink I developed a box with some games because of the upcoming FLORIADE

-a large exhibition about plants, flowers, and ecology- in the Haarlemmermeer. The box was made for use at the schools of the Haarlemmermeer, from the first up to the fifth grade. We included easy and some more difficult games that could be used by the teachers to teach the children (aged 5 to 10 years) more about the upcoming FLORIADE. Two of the included Games are familiar ones: 1.) a MEMORY-adaptation, and 2.) the "Swan Board Game" based on the Goose Game. The other ones were especially developed by me to support the learning process: 3.) the "HARLEM MORE GREEN GAME", and three simple games using some of the material stored in the Box: 4.) RACE, 5.) a throwing game, 6.) "PLANT TREES", a game based on making clusters to gain points.