This is what every game inventor wants to be published: one beautiful box with a combination of classic games and

some of his own inventions. Especially for me there is also an extra design of the game boards, which combine two 2-sided-boards (in total more than 15 board games), which I had worked on for several years.

Included in the COMPENDIUM are 5 new games:

CONQUEST, a game on the 8x8board which has a lot of similarities to a (at the time not known to me) game with the same name and play principle.

ISOLATION, a game on the 7x7board, filled with stones on all squares. Players move a pawn over the stones to pick them up.

STENENJACHT, a game on the LUDO board were players must catch the opponents' pieces and bring these Home!

SLIMMERIK (Smart One) is luckily a complete new idea. It is related to

MORA but the concept is new: come as far as you can by 'reading' the opponent's mind. SEQ, a dice-game with four dice. Beat the opponents by making a sequence in lesser throws than they can.

Next to these games two of my older games are included: FIANCO & DOUBLE DUTCH.